About Terrific Sound

Our company produces ultra high quality sound recordings. These include nature sounds, comforting background sounds, custom ringtones, and phone call background sounds. We are experts in the area of making "field recordings". Our nature sounds customers consistently rank us five stars. We encourage you to listen to the difference between our nature sounds recordings and those made by others.

Many producers use short repeating loops or sound synthesizers to create their recordings. We do not. All of our environmental recordings begin with a live outdoor "field recording". A key part of our science is knowing how and where to place and focus microphones. Another part of our skill set is knowing how to mix the results to provide a listening experience that will make you think you are at the recording location.

Listen to the difference!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

Most of the "Sounds of Nature by Joe Baker" downloads cost less than $1.00 from Amazonmp3.com. We cannot control their prices, but all of our "Sounds of Nature" products will likely be less than $1.25. The iTunes store sets their own prices. In general, they charge more for our recordings than Amazonmp3.com.

Do you sell physical CD's?

Yes, but not from this site. You can buy physical CD's of our nature sounds albums from Amazon. It's simple! Just go to Amazon.com, and from the search bar, select the search category "Music" (not "MP3 Music"). Next, type in the search term "Joe Baker". When the results come up, find the CD you want and click on the audio CD link (not the mp3 link) to view details and add the album to your Amazon cart.

Where can I buy your products?

All major download sites carry our mp3 files, including iTunes, Amazonmp3.com, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, etc.

How do I burn an mp3 file to create a CD that I can play in a CD player?

Many free programs can create audio CD's from mp3 files. The most popular is the free iTunes program from Apple. Simply drag the file into the library window, create a play list, and click "burn play list to disc". Roxio Easy Media Creator and Nero can also easily perform the task. If your computer has a CD burner, you almost certainly have the necessary disc burning software already installed.