Get Ringtones - Free Way

Just right-click and select "Save Target" option (or "Save Link As...", depending on your browser) to save to your hard drive. Next, drag the file into the iTunes library window. Then, connect your phone to your computer and sync your iPhone.

The .m4r ringtone file should go directly into the iTunes Media Folder. If not, try to add it to your iTunes Media > Tones folder. If this does not work, add to "Automatically Add to iTunes", as outlined below.

To view ringtones in your iTunes library, begin by clicking the drop down menu or locating the "Tones" folder in the sidebar.

Next, select "Tones".

You will now see a list of your ringtones (which are stored in the iTunes Media > Tones folder.

You may add tones to the library by dragging them from where you saved them to the "Automatically Add to iTunes" or the "Tones" folder in your iTunes > iTunes Media folder.

Get Ringtones - Easier Way

There's an easier way if you don't mind paying about $1.29 per ringtone. Follow the directions below.

From your iPhone, press "Settings," then "Sounds".

Next, select "Ringtone".

Press the "Store" button.

Press the "Search" button, then clear the search field and type "Joe Baker" in the field, then press the search button.

Scroll to Joe Baker's ringtones and select "See All Ringtones". Preview and buy the ringtone(s) you want!